Highspeed Internet Onsite-Analysis Survey: Update 2/14/17 from the Contractor

SCS Broadband will begin its onsite analysis of The Waters Project tomorrow (2/15/17), starting at our regional commercial towers. This will go on until Saturday with periodic visits, which will be determined during our study and testing requirements. We do this most everyday and have zero issues. One truck will be clearly marked with a wrap of our company name, and all personnel with have SCS Broadband jackets. When we get to the point of doing site surveys with one of our drones, this is done with total adherence to FAA rules and full recognition of privacy laws. No home owners property will be violated, as we only do such tests from public lands, or tower properties with permission. they are also very short, lasting 10 minutes average for a site survey. The drones are small devices, about 12" across and pose no danger. Again, something we do in many counties each month.

At one point, we will be mounting a temporary radio system on 1 or more commercial towers for test purposes, and then determining actual propagation for mapping purposes. We will be doing point to point tests also within the public streets of the community. It is impossible to give exact times when a company truck may be at a specific location, 




Coyote Sightings!
TWALA Residents,  please be advised that we have had multiple coyote sightings in the neighborhood recently.  You may want to familiarize yourself with details about their behavior, and we recommend reading this document by the Department of Game and Inland FisheriesIf you are out walking, particularly at dusk or dawn, it is recommended that you at least carry some pepper spray or mace as a precaution.  Wild animals are part of the beauty of living around the lake but along with that comes the chance of running into one!

Additional informtion on the DGIF site:

Welcome Home

Welcome to the website for The Waters at Lake Anna, a prestigious community on the private side of Lake Anna in Mineral, Virginia.  With over four hundred estate lots uniquely located a short drive from Charlottesville, Richmond or Fredericksburg, this premier community is well worth a visit.

The Waters boasts numerous amenities: pool, tennis courts, boat ramp, day slips, athletic field, private beach, and community clubhouse, all available for use by residents and lot owners of the community as well as their guests.  Whether you are here to enjoy the fishing, boating, athletic activities, wildlife, peaceful countryside or the wonderful sunsets, we welcome you, your family members, and your guests to a memorable experience at The Waters.

If you are visiting our community in search of just the right place to build a new home, a retirement residence, a vacation home, or simply seeking to invest in an upscale community at Lake Anna, then look no further. Our rural setting affords a relaxing environment to which one may retreat for a restful weekend or a welcome abode at the end of a grueling workday.

Although we are a relatively young Homeowners’ Association, our Board of Directors is working hard to continue to improve the community with the addition of amenities and improvement of existing facilities.  If you are interested in learning more of the projects on which the Board is working, have suggestions on a particular aspect of life at The Waters, or are already a member of the Association and are interested in participating in the administration of your community, please do not hesitate to contact any one of the Board members through our website’s “Contact” page.

Thank you for visiting our website. We invite you to join us at The Waters, the premier community at Lake Anna.